Why a work from home policy has become necessary

The Corona measures have revealed in rapid tempo the pros and cons of working from home for both employer and employee. But, since The Flexible Work Act of 1-1-2016 (Dutch Wfw)) working from home was already a right… provided…

  • Your employee was in service for longer than 26 weeks
  • The request was made at least 2 months prior to the start date 

Points for consideration:

  • Think about the different jobs: which jobs do you believe are suitable/unsuitable for this
  • Make agreements with your employees and perhaps Works Council or Personnel Representative 
  • Take inventory of available resources (costs, processes, safety, coaching)
  • Set up an employee-level work from home plan

Ask yourself the following:

  • Who decides the policy?
  • Does the place meet the occupational health and safety rules?
  • How is taxation arranged?
  • Is there access for an occupational health expert (ergonomics)?
  • Who is responsible, and for what? 

What is the least you need to keep control and prevent problems?

  • Draw up an individual working from home agreement with your employees
  • Evaluate it regularly and adapt if necessary for your business activities
  • Inform your employees and record that you have given that advice